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A blog platform for developers, for everything coding. Not for content-marketing disguised as programming tutorials. Not for advertisement blended with sincerely interesting pieces. Quality. Articles. About. Coding.

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Figure 1

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Today, it feels like most articles are trying to sell you something. They are, as they cannot reach you for free. Curators like Medium need to put work into ensuring you get the articles you would enjoy. To compensate, they either put the content behind paywalls or shift the costs to the authors. Now authors need to bear the cost, they need to make sure their writings are selling you something.

No one is evil here. The process makes everything either hidden behind a paywall or an ad dressed up as a coding blog. The process needs to change.

Today, it feels like most articles are trying to sell you something. They are, as they cannot reach you for free.

Figure 2

Figure 2

linkTomorrow ...

With, we want to change that.

We want to help authors write elegant, modern coding blogs while retaining ownership of their work.

We believe authors should rely on the support and appreciation of the community for sharing their knowledge, not on the support of companies who monetize your time and attention to convince you to buy from them.

We want quality writings on coding to be freely available to everyone. We want to empower authors so that they do not have to disguise their content to sell other stuff to you indirectly. The software community has thrived on sharing openly and honestly. This is how we should move forward.


If you are curious about how will work for creators and authors, checkout this section of the "For Creators" page. Note that is still in early development stages and these details might change as we better figure out what works and what doesn't.

For Creators

Figure 3

Figure 3

linkHow to Get There is still in early stages of development. If you are interested, you can join us on this exciting journey towards creating the best medium possible for sharing coding knowledge and experience. Simply enlist for the waiting list for's beta.

If you want to write blogs on coding and put them on, you can also check out this page for more details and joining our prospective creators list.

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