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About two months ago, we started working on with the vision of creating a platform for quality blogs about programming. No ads, no content-marketing, just focused on knowledge and experience sharing by pasionate programmers.

We envisioned a solution composed of two components: An open-source, convenient, and elegant-out-of-the-box solution for writing about programming, and a quality and fair curation mechanism ensuring that people will hear about content they are interested in. Imagine a high quality programming journal that is tailored specifically to your interests! That is the direction we want to head towards, and that is what we believe can sustain such a platform and keep it free from ads or paywalls.

These public issues are to serve as glimpses of that vision. They are collections of recent articles we found interesting. More than half, but not all, are created with our own authoring tools, by passionate members of our community. However, they are not exclusive to coding.blogs, as if a piece is free to access and interesting, then we want to help spread the word.

Eugene Ghanizadeh Khoub
July 2020


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As said before, these issues are glimpses of what we want our curated issues to be: quality collections of recent programming articles, tailored to your interests. If you are interested, you can follow us on twitter for more updates, or join our beta waiting list:

Also we should thank all of the authors featured on this issue, for sharing their experiences. The world of coding is built upon sharing knowledge and experience, and writing about your experiences is a crucial element of that.

This also cannot be achieved without the help of the community. If you want to help us further this vision of an open and ad-free home for quality coding blogs, you can do so by spreading the word, or even better yet, join our community of creators.



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