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linkSetting up a Blog

Each blog on consists of two parts:

The domain is the URL through which your blog is accessible to the world, and the repo should be a CODEDOC project including markdown files for your blog posts, alongside CODEDOC configuration dictating how your blog should look like.

Learn More about CODEDOC

linkThe Repository

Your blog repo MUST be openly accessible, as that is how our build servers can fetch and build it. It also MUST be a CODEDOC project. If you have not setup such a repo, the best place to start would be using this template.

Use the Blog Template

Regardless of whether you use the template or not, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use @codedoc/coding-blog-plugin, as it provides necessary features for blogging on top of CODEDOC, and allows for easily configuring your as well.

Learn More about the Plugin

linkBinding Repo and Domain

After you have setup your repo, you can simply bind it to your domain via your blog management page. For binding your repo to your domain, you MUST enter the GIT URL for your repo, i.e. the URL using which our build servers can clone your repo and build it.

Valid repo URLs:



Typically repo URLs end with .git. Your repo might be available on a URL that does not end with .git, however that is pretty rare. In any case, be sure that you have entered the proper URL (we will try to clone it in order to build and publish your repo, so we should be able to clone it).


After you have your repo set up and bound to your domain, you can simply publish it using the publish button on your blog management page. You can also use the provided publish webhook to automatically publish your blog, for example when you push to your blog repository.

Learn More about Publish Webhook

Each time you request publish, the following process will be started:


Errors typically occur as one of the publishing steps cannot be completed. Here are a rundown of common errors, their typical causes, and simple solutions for each such error:

Setting up a BlogThe RepositoryBinding Repo and DomainPublishingTroubleshooting

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