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In the age of copious information, amidst a pandemic, rampant conspiracy theories and social unrest, it has become increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. Within this context, it becomes necessary for us to reflect on our own values, what we envision for our content and how we, in our own small way, aim to help with providing an ecosystem of reliable and trustworthy content.

One of our core aims is to always have content that is freely available for everyone to access and not hidden behind paywalls. This is one of our main criteria in qualifying and adding pieces to our Public and Private Issues since we strongly believe that knowledge needs to be freely shared. This is also one of the main reasons why our platform will always be free for writers and for people to read the articles.

Since we aim to monetise directly through curation, our first step is to acknowledge that curation is a value laden process. We believe talking solely about programming related concepts in isolation is redundant. Talking about these concepts while contextualising them within the socio-economic environments that they originate and exist in, and through the lens of the experience of programmers is where we truly learn. So while we strive to stay clear of articles that are opinions disguised as factual dissemination, we also actively highlight pieces showcasing experiences of programmers, from stories of harassments experienced by historically marginalised groups, ethical dilemmas faced by programmers, to technologies that propel initiatives aimed at equality of opportunity.

In short, we strive for our curation services (manifested as public and future private issues) to be reflective of these values. As it is through sharing and learning from these experiences that we can grow as a community.

Beenish Waris
September 2020


linkSome Final Words

As said before, these issues are glimpses of what we want our curated issues to be: quality collections of recent programming articles, tailored to your interests. If you are interested, you can follow us on twitter for more updates, or join our beta waiting list:

Also we should thank all of the authors featured on this issue, for sharing their experiences. The world of coding is built upon sharing knowledge and experience, and writing about your experiences is a crucial element of that.

This also cannot be achieved without the help of the community. If you want to help us further this vision of an open and ad-free home for quality coding blogs, you can do so by spreading the word, or even better yet, join our community of creators.



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